Albert Camus Monday 4th January 1960 – National 5 – Villeblevin (Yonne) Facel Vega HK500 In a last minute change of plans that morning, Albert Camus and his friend Michel Gallimard decide to travel by car than take the train which he’d organised and bought a ticket for (a fact confirmed by the unused rail ticket that was found in the writer’s pocket after the accident) At 13:55, along a road lined with plane trees, their car collides with not one but two trees, the second tree smashing it completely. Albert Camus dies instantly and Michel Gallimard will die six days later. It is difficult to determine exactly what happened that morning but the accident was probably due to a burst tyre or excessive speed, yet Camus hated speed and in fact would have thought it absurd that he was to have died in a car accident. Today we celebrate the death of Albert Camus, « Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth » Book available on my website! #albertcamus #crossroads #crash