Meet Daniel Kerdavid, fisherman in Brittany with a special way of fishing, he his one of the rare person to fish the Ikijime method. Japonese method that consist to kill the fish before he suffer. Have the fish completely unfeeling the pain. I had the chance to follow him and witnesses his way to fishing, i learn a lot, the wisdom to fish with grace, and respect. I learn the respect to an ocean of knowledges. Daniel is “the Old man and the Sea” by himself. Will follow few more pictures of him during our journey. #danielkerdavid #fisherman #ikijime #regain #regainmagazine #nature #wisdom #brittany #bretagne #pecheur

Signs. Chappaquiddick Island. 2016 #crossroads #roadtodeath

Marta’s vineyard. On the ferry. #roadtodeath #crossroads

Françoise Dorléac 26th June 1967 – A8 Motorway – Exit Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes/ France) Renault 10 Françoise Dorléac leaves Saint-Tropez heading east towards Nice Airport to catch a plane bound for London where she’s due to attend the première of the film ‘Les Demoiselles de Rochefort’. She’s running late and its raining heavily as she speeds along the coast in a Renault 10 rental car. As it approaches a very tight bend, Francoise suddenly loses control, throwing the car into a fatal spin. It leaves the road and rolls several times before catching fire. The body of Françoise Dorléac will be later identified thanks to some personal papers that survived the fire. #crossroads #roadtodeath please come tomorrow night for a conversation at the Silencio-Club @silencio_club 142 rue Monmartre, Paris 75002. Starting at 18:30 till 20hr.

Save the date > Christophe Rihet/// Road to Death :: rencontre Philosophique/// Mercredi 27 Juin 2018 -18:30 Silencio @silencio_club – BR enterprise @eb_enterprise have the pleasure to invite you for a conversation with Michaël Fœssel, Emmanuel Alloa, and Camille Riquier, and myself. Between 18:30 till 19:30. Images from the book Crossroads :: Silencio 142 Rue Montmartre, Paris 2eme. #roadtodeath #crossroads

Anton Yelchin 19th of June 2016 – 3866 Berry Drive – City Studio, Los Angeles (California) 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit California Worried after not having heard from Anton Yelchin, a group of his friends decide to head to his home at around 1am. Once there, they make a gruesome discovery and find Anton’s body crushed up against the gate of the driveway by his own 4×4. His agony would have lasted less than a minute. The story of 27 celebrities died in a car crash in te book « Crossroads » on sale on #crossroads #roadtodeath

Michel Colucci (Coluche) 19 juin 1986 – Opio (Alpes-Maritimes) Honda 1100 VFC. C’est l’été dans le Sud. Coluche roule en compagnie de deux amis, de Cannes à Opio. À 60 km/h. Mais sans casque. Quand un camion-benne barre soudainement la route de sa Honda 1100 VFC pour tourner dans un champ, Coluche ne peut pas s’arrêter. Sa tête heurte violemment le phare avant du camion. Il meurt sur le coup. Une rumeur enfle et gronde : Coluche aurait été assassiné. Rien n’a jamais été prouvé. Aujourd’hui, il y a 32ans c’etait la mort de Coluche, d’un accident de Moto. A tombeau ouvert dans mon livre en vente sur #crossroads #roadtodeath

It’s tonight!!! Élodie and I are proud to present a projection called « Crossroads » C’est ce soir! Élodie et moi sont ravis de vous presenter une projection intitulé « Crossroads » @silencio_club between 6:30pm till 8pm, entre 18:30 et 20hr. Thanks to @elodiebouchez @eb_enterprise @coraliegauthier @silencio_club #roadtodeath #crossroads there will be also a signature of the book, « Crossroads » Il y aura aussi après la projection une signature du livre « Crossroads » venez nombreux!

Waiting for tomorrow.. #chill #excited #crossroads #roadtodeath @atelier_g2 @ggrunfeld

: Save The Date > Christophe Rihet // Road To Death :: Projection // Silencio :: Mardi 5 Juin 2018 – 18h30- 20hr. Elodie and I have the pleasure to invite you at the Projection in the cinema theater of the silencio with the lovely voice of Elodie Bouchez, @elodiebouchez thanks to the @silencio_club and @eb_enterprise I will also sign the last copy of the book “Crossroads” #roadtodeath #crossroads