Bonny Parker & Clyde Barrow. May 23rd 1934 – Highway 154 – Sailes, Louisiana. On that day, six policemen were ready and waiting for them. The passing of the infamous “Gang Barrow”was to come and this time it was going to be an ambush! After holding out their positions for almost 24 hours the police finally spot the car approching. Without notice and with unrelenting force, the police open fire on the vehicle, spraying it with more than 130 bullets. Bonnie and Clyde are hit repeatedely, more than twenty five times each and killed instantly. It later transpired that the couple were so riddled with bullets it made it almost impossible to embalm them. It was said also, that Bonnie had screamed the name of her partner in crime Clyde, before taking her last gasp of air…her head on his shoulder. Let’s celebrate the dead! Book available on my website. #crossroads #roadtodeath #bonnieandclyde